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Sending Files/FTP

We can accept files supplied on CD/DVD and USB or Firewire device.We can also accept files up to 10MB directly via email. Files should be compressed in the .zip format.Uploading larger files through our FTP SiteRAM Printing maintains a dedicated high speed line and an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, making it easy for our customers to upload large files.To avoid the possibility of corruption during upload, we recommend all files be compressed, utilizing a standard operating system compression format, such as .zip. Please limit file names to 32 characters or less, and avoid use of special characters such as forward- and back-slashes (/ and \), ampersands (&), number/pound signs ( # ), etc. Hyphens and underscore characters should be used to replace word spaces.For questions or assistance or to obtain a username and password, call our office or send an email to the IT department.

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